The Self-Healing Natural Approach to Ultimate Wellness & Balance Includes 3 Very Important
Pillars of Health …

Satva = The Mind
Atma = The Soul
Shariram = The Physical Body

The journey of INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS HEALING is one of the most advanced sciences that is time-tested and proven. This approach to Ultimate Wellness has been around for more that 5000 years.

shutterstock_223473796-1This is called AYURVEDA – THE SCIENCE OF LIFE AND LONGEVITY

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to self-nurturing, self-realization and balanced health. Ayurveda focuses on the root cause of an imbalance and shifts it to a balanced integrative wellness (hence called as MULA GAMI Chikitsa).

With today’s busy lifestyles and stress many of us are facing the challenge of chronic imbalances causing an epidemic of multiple chronic conditions.

Integrative Wellness Healing helps combine a successful holistic approach with western medicine. It offers specific, personalized and customized natural wellness specific to your imbalance. Modern medicine requires a diagnosis and a treatment plan that addresses symptoms for relief. Ayurveda “The Mother of All Healing Systems” offers natural organic tools to initiate self-healing on cellular level, hence both sciences may meet in the middle point. This may result in TOTAL transformation and balance.

Ayurveda has been put on many tests by various renowned research platforms with positive results world wide, recently in USA too various scientific research are in progress and some even have proven the positive changes in cellular functions. When offered by an expert, the Ayurveda program is an all natural regime that has no side effects. This unique process focuses on a cellular approach to create ultimate health and initiate self-healing.

Integrative Wellness Healing Provides:

  • Total Integrative healthcare focused at a deep cellular level.
  • Natural, organic, holistic approach free from side effects and dependency.
  • Freedom from stuck patterns of chronic illness
  • No drugs or chemicals involved. With support, it may also help reduce existing chemical toxicity.
  • Natural solutions may assist reduce/ stop progression of chronic and auto-immune conditions.
  • Powerful tools such as customized diet, healing treatments, positive lifestyle and spirituality bring positive shift.
  • Personal consulting in the unique and advanced science of wellness including teachings on natural tools such as self-care, spirituality and overall holistic integrative healthcare.
  • Faith, Hope and Happiness for a more balanced life of well-being.
  • Improved quality of life with increased energy and productivity.

Begin Your Personal Journey of Self-Nurturing and Integrative Wellness Healing Today with Dr. Lina Thakar

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